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Flowers as Hope

I was supposed to be part of a RAW ARTISTS event before the COVID crisis. As literally all of us know, that - along with everything else - didn't happen. I had wanted to show houses and flowers, so I had been working on some fresh drawings.

With the stay-cation in place, life got a bit upside down. You wouldn't think somebody who used to work from home would complain about this kind of change, right? Oh, but life DID change: all my family, who were out and about during the day, five days a week, are now on top of my head ALL. THE. TIME. So my alone-time is virtually gone (pun unintended). Indeed, I've been through all the phases: denial... bla bla ... and acceptance. Now, I'm at thriving level! (yes, family who...?)

Despite the organizational challenges, I continued to draw every now and then, simply because this keeps me sane (it has in the past, I know it's therapeutic value and I strongly encourage you to try it and let out all your creativity - it doesn't matter who sees your stuff, just do it!) What had started as a draw-from-pictures in the middle of winter for the RAW event (scheduled for March, which is still winter in Ottawa) turned into life-drawing as my garden started blooming - as gardens have the beautiful habit of doing, even when politicians forbid.

So here, for your enjoyment, are some watercolours of spring flowers. May they keep your hope alive that life will conquer death again, because that's what God does!

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