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House Portraits

Give an original gift!

Fredericton house_pic.png
Fredericton house_dwg.jpg

Watercolour of a family home in Fredericton, New Brunswick - a gift from children to their mother who moved to Ottawa, to preserve the family happy memories.

Ambleside Ottawa_pic.jpeg
Ambleside Ottawa_dwg after.jpg

House in Ambelside neighbourhood, Ottawa. As a Christmas gift for her husband, the client asked for a watercolour of their renovated house, along with a pencil sketch of the previous look (check the section of house portraits - monochrome.)

Sir Isaac Brock B&B Luxury Suites, Brockville, Ontario_pic.png
Sir Isaac Brock B&B Luxury Suites, Brockville, Ontario_dwg.jpg

Sir Isaac Brock Luxury Suites B&B in Brockville, Ontario done in ink and watercolour

Windsor house.png
Windsor house_dwg.jpg

Watercolour house portrait of a house in Windsor, Ontario - a Christmas gift from daughter to parents

2 Victoria Rose Inn Gananoque_photo.JPG
2 Victoria Rose Inn Gananoque_dwg.jpg

Built in 1872, this gem of a Victorian design in the region of the 1000 Islands was acquired by a couple who took great care to restore it to its former glory and ran it as as a B&B for a good few years, under the name of Victoria Rose Inn.

2 3092 Crooked Treet Drive_Mason OH_phot
2 3092 Crooked Treet Drive_Mason OH_dwg.

This house in Mason, Ohio, was purchased by a family who had lived in Florence, Italy - its elegant interior with high ceilings reminded them of Italian mansions. Upon relocating again, they commissioned a portrait of the house to keep it as a memory. Ink and markers.

Barrhaven house_pic.png
Barrhaven house_dwg.jpg

A semi-detached house in the Barrhaven suburb of Ottawa, with a new garage door installed. I chose to show part of the neighbour's house too to get the character of the architectural style. 

Vienna house_pic.jpeg
Vienna house_dwg.jpg

Watercolour of a winter scene of a street in Vienna where my clients had spent a few years working abroad and raising a family. 

Puddicombe House B&B, New Hamburg, Ontario_pic.png
Puddicombe House B&B, New Hamburg, Ontario_dwg.jpeg

Puddicombe House B&B and restaurant in new Hamburg, Ontario done ink and watercolour

HPIM9181 (Small).JPG
Ontario farm

Acrylic painting of farm barns in Westport, Eastern Ontario

Russell B&B, Morrisburg, Ontario_pic.png
Russell B&B, Morrisburg, Ontario_dwg.jpg

Russell B&B in Morrisburg, Ontario - watercolours

500 Percy google maps 1.JPG

Watercolour and ink commission of an Ottawa house. The client wanted it to be portrayed in spring, capturing the lovely cherry tree blossoms in the front yard.

2 Westport cottage_photo.JPG
2 Westport cottage_dwg_edited.jpg

Cottage by the lake in Eastern Ontario, which became the 6-month-a-year home for a retired couple from Ottawa.

2 Quebec Cottage_pic.JPG
2 Quebec Cottage_dwg.jpg

Another cottage, another Christmas gift! Much loved by the family, I represented the cottage at the best time of the year, surrounded by the fall colours.

Chesley's Inn, Cornwall, Ontario_pic.png
Chesley's Inn, Cornwall, Ontario_dwg.jpg

Chesley's Inn in Cornwall, Ontario - watercolours

2 Spanish-style William Street Stratford ON_pic.jpg
2 Spanish-style William Street Stratford ON_dwg

Spanish Revival house in Stratford, Ontario, depicted in ink and watercolour pencils on grey toned paper.

2 Two-storey William Street Stratford ON_pic.jpg
2 Two-storey William Street Stratford ON_dwg.jpg

Fachwerk-style two-storey house in Stratford, Ontario

Watercolour pencils on white cardboard

Lake Huron cottage
Lake Huron cottage

An unusual and delightful commission for an acrylic painting on a rock collected by the cottage owner's fiancee during the last visit at the site before it got sold. 

rural property.PNG
Ontario rural property

Commissioned by a thoughtful Ottawa realtor as a gift presented to his clients who sold this cherished property west of Ottawa, as a reminder of good days spent in this place.

Mixed media: watercolour and white marker.

Iacob houses_pics
Iacob houses_dwgs

The clients relocated to their native country and wanted a portrait to display all the three properties they owned while in Canada. 

Mixed media: watercolour and ink.

Westboro house_pic.jpg
Westboro house_dwg.jpg

A thoughtful gift from wife to husband on their anniversary.

Mixed media: watercolour and ink.

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