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"Martisor" is a small talisman traditionally offered by boys to girls and worn the first week of March. An old Thracian celebration, the custom exists in Romania and adjoining countries - it initially consisted only of two threads, one white symbolizing the snow in winter, and one red standing for blood and the rebirth of nature in spring. In time, the two threads have been complemented by small jewelry-like brooches made of different materials in the form of flowers, crosses, birds, traditional symbols, quatre-foil, insects etc. Many consider it the equivalent of a Valentine in the Western cultures...

Sewing bookmarks as Valentines is a fun activity for children of all ages! I have designed a few models which are easy to sew even for beginners. Sewing is an excellent activity to develop fine motor skills, attention, coordination and certainly creativity! Kits are available to order. Please contact me for details.

These Christmas ornaments are made of thread and small beads, from my original designs, some of which are inspired by traditional symbols found in Romanian patterns. Some patterns are available to order straight away, while others may be custom made.

$10 / per ornament

$25 / per set of three ornaments

$40 / per set of six ornaments 

Please contact me for details.

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