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My New York Moment

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Here's what happened. I was browsing LinkedIn one day, scroll up and down, stumble upon a posting of a lady I had connected with a few months ago who posts truly interesting drawings of more or less known architects. Now, there was this announcement:

"Are you an architect with a secret, or not-so-secret, life as an artist? The New York City collective Art By Architects opens their annual exhibit 09/12 at Church of the Heavenly Rest, and is accepting works through 08/15. Message @ArtbyArchitects on Instagram, or leave a note here, for details."

Opting for the note, I sent her a quick message saying yes, I'm an architect, I make art and I'm interested - provided it's not open just to New York architects. Not at all! - she replied. And she put me in touch with the Chair of the Selection Committee. With two days only until deadline, I sent him three of my drawings and he wrote back the following day saying... "You're in!"

Now, imagine that. An exhibition on Fifth Avenue, no more, no less. And a fine excuse to visit New York again, of course. ;)

It was lovely, lovely! A couple of friends who live in New York dropped by that night. I met a lot of interesting professionals and the works were incredibly diverse in themes and techniques. I can only post as many, there were about ninety of them!! Get a taste in the following pics and enjoy!

That's the Church of the Heavenly Rest! Can you spot F.L.Wright's Guggenheim one block away?

The entrance to the "Art by Architects" exhibition, with poster

Before the crowd started pouring in...

Getting busy...

Getting busier and busier...

Close to the climax...

Speeches time! Official opening by the Selection Committee

I and my artwork...

... and others examining my artwork!

Does it show... the show was good?

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