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Plein Air at... Camp

July heat - ain't it good? Perfect time to visit people at the annual camp of our church.

They went for the weekend. My days of sleeping in the tent or even a cabin are long gone - sorry, I've become a comfortable bum. BUT! (no double tee) - I still enjoy a nice swim. This being said, I tucked some fine liners in the backpack, just in case. And the case... presented itself.

The sketch is done directly in grey fine liner to keep the main lines under control - then I used the variety of colors in the set to create the atmosphere and hopefully catch some of the coloring on site. Not much sand color among the 20 fine liners available, so you will excuse the foreground. Fortunately, the greens do the trick ;)

Fine liners sketch of a lake and beach in Quebec...

That actual lake and beach somewhere in Quebec...

Do tell if you catch any resemblance...

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