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Sketches of a Golden Autumn

So very blessed with the Fall this year... the trees have started to colour a good few weeks ago and the leaves are just hanging there, refusing to let go! In my 16 years on Canadian soil, I do not remember to have had such a gorgeous autumn.

Alors, on doit profiter!! come les francais dit ;) (or for us, mortals: We must take advantage then! - as the French say + wink!)

My 10+ degrees Saturday was thus spent sketching away. First, in a parking lot waiting for my kid to finish a weekend activity. I had a little kit from DeSerres - which I actually won at a draw, believe it or not! - that had watercolours and a notebook of postcard-sized watercolour paper. OK, let's see... the back of the building, nah... cars, nah... an Acacia tree... leaves!

Eh? what do you think? I didn't stop here, no sir! Got straight home, sent the kid packing with her dad on an "adventure" (read: bike around the neighbourhood, possibly library, likely getting doughnuts...) and I camped on the stairs leading to the deck in our backyard. My plein air studio for the afternoon!! (mmmyeah, kinda French, hahaha!)

I looked around and I found...

... a yellow-green maple...

... the green-red-green-yellow layers seen through the deck railing...

... and some still-amazingly-fresh marigolds in the garden!

All these done in watercolour, with some touches of fine liners, watercolour pencils and ink. You play the detective now and see what's what!

#ink #leaves #flowers #garden #trees #watercolours #watercolourpencils #fineliners #pleinairstudio #onthedeck

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