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Spa Sketches

Last year I got a Nordik Spa gift certificate for my birthday. That's in the second half of May. Well, what do you know... I did NOT find the time to go - don't get me wrong, I didn't say I haven't found time to relax all year. It's just that's not ... my thing. If you want an explanation, well, I'm not keen on pajama days generally, here's the reason for my reluctance in parading in my robe among strangers. Yeah, I go to the pool weekly - but I don't know, a spa is different, what with the restaurants and socializing. Still, Nordik has good reviews and it would have also been a disappointment for my very good friend who graciously thought of de-tensing my nerves. So, in haste, I called just short of four days from expiry date to make arrangements for a massage (extra cost but great idea to skip the crazy queues at entrance).

I have to admit the whole day proved a good investment - financial, relaxing-wise, time-wise... you name it. The weather cooperated and I found myself on one of the terraces, nestled in an armchair, sipping a coffee and sketching away. They ask to not take pictures and, despite my usual impulses of disregarding such requests, I've actually complied. So I resumed to make a few drawings of the views from that terrace and here they are below, rough and small (15 cm x 21 cm), done in ink, all took me about an hour.

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